Tracy Fox

Tracy Fox is a dyer & printmaker who designs and creates unique contemporary art from her home studio in Manchester. 

After her a long career in the NHS was ended following an accident, Tracy chose to focus on and develop her passion for working with cloth, exploiting it’s properties and the creative opportunities it provides. 

Her work has been selected for juried exhibitions and art events and continues to evolve.

Using ancient techniques, the artist hand dyes and handprints a collection of work that includes unique wall art, one of a kind scarves, handmade books and art cards for people looking for something different.

Combining cloth with her favourite techniques allows Tracy to create work that is exciting, innovative and always different. These include rust printing, breakdown printing, dyeing/printing with plants and Shibori.

Shibori is the universal Japanese word meaning ‘wring, squeeze, press’ and is the process of manipulating cloth before applying dye to produce all manner of glorious patterns. 

Tracy feels very honoured to be a tiny part of this ancient art that has the earliest surviving examples dating back to the mid-8th century and she loves that the processes have been handed down from one generation to another over hundreds of years.

Creating unique pattern on cloth using rusting metal is another process Tracy uses in her work with great effect. Never quite knowing what the result will be and producing unique marks each time is particularly rewarding. The metal is constantly degrading which adds another layer to its unique quality. Her collection of rusty metal is always being added to by generous friends who help to feed her creative habit!

The variety of ways a simple printing screen can be used to create unique pattern and texture is a great source of inspiration to Tracy and is something that she is continually exploring. Breakdown printing where the design on the screen ‘breaks down’ with each print pulled is a particular favourite.

Perhaps the oldest technique used is one where colour and pattern are extracted from plants and transferred to cloth. This is where her dyeing and printing journey began a number of years ago using plant material from her garden and exploring ways to use it.  

Although the processes Tracy is passionate about using in her work are hugely time consuming she believes them to be totally worth the unique and exciting results and hopes that visitors who view and own her work do too.

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