Laura McNicholas

Laura McNicolas’s passion for art and creativity led her to a successful 13-year career teaching Art and Design including Fine Art, Ceramics and Sculpture, A level, and Art Foundation.

In 2018 Laura took the bold decision to become a full-time ceramicist, working from her garden studio in Lancashire. 

Laura works in porcelain and her delicate sculptural hollow forms are heavily steeped in family history which is intertwined with childhood memories of ramblings amongst rock pools and more rugged countryside walks. 

Laura’s lace series reflect rock pools and the shells she collected as a child, using these natural forms as inspiration. Laura also uses preciously saved, family craftwork made by three generations of creative women, impressing the patterns of the beautiful handmade lace into the porcelain to create tactile surfaces. Laura tells the story of the women in her family through her work and celebrates their lives and memory. 

The pieces create a juxtaposition between the encrusted outer layer and the smooth and reflective glazed interior, mirroring the varying skies and weather conditions she has observed. These deeply personal works are an intriguing mixture of personal narrative and childhood memories of beautiful and cherished natural places.

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Course Lane, Newburgh
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