Jane Fairhurst

Jane Fairhurst is a mixed media artist and founding member of Cross Street Arts.  

Within her work Jane uses a wide range of techniques including, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and photography and often incorporates objects from her own collections to make work that explores aspects of environmental, political and social issues in contemporary society.

Freefall 7 and Rajasthani Freefall are part of the Freefall series originally comprising nine paintings. Jane appropriated the ‘Small Flower Series’ of woodcuts prints of 19th century Japanese artist Katasushi Hokusai. Jane then replaced the birds of the original prints with a hybrid creature of her own, to create work which is a celebration of natural flora and exuberant colour but which is instilled with a sense of unease by the freefalling bird-dolls. Jane first came across images of Hokusai’s work twenty years ago and was immediately impressed by his mastery of botanical subject matter and his superb skill with both line and colour. 

The freefalling ‘vanitas’ figures in each of the paintings, symbolise and question human confrontation with the natural world. Areas of colour are painted in layers to achieve the flatness of a print. The print quality is further enhanced by black lines drawn around the flowers and foliage. The combination of subject and intense colour creates striking and enchanting pieces. 

‘The title ‘Freefall’ expresses my feeling that we are freefalling into an uncertain future.’ Jane Fairhurst

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